Notes on art and traveling…

Wet Paint

The day was stormy, nasty, and cold, just the type of day I like to head out and drink in the atmosphere for painting. Scraped off the ice on the windshield of my old 84 Prelude, my workhorse of a car, that I can drive just about anywhere. Headed to the lift bridge area of Ohio & Louisiana Street, in Buffalo’s Old First Ward. Dressed in double layers, and heavy boots, I walked and observed this area for a few hours, took some digital photo’s that

I would vaguely refer to, as I always want to experience the light, color, temperature, and mood of the day,,,,,,,as this will determine the direction I want to go in. In the actual paintings, I warmed up the skies, especially in the roadway scenes leading up the the bridge with some nice warm aliziran , & dark blue grays. However it was the extreme cold, and desolate nature of the day, that I hoped to portray in the finished works. I completed these works in the following two days, while the memories of that somber day was still fresh in mind.